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My beauty services focus on saving you time during your daily beauty/maintenance regime

and on helping you to look and feel your best at all times without compromise.

I specialise in Permanent Makeup, Lashes, Brows & Intimate Waxing.
This means if you have a busy lifestyle, are a mum, dad, workaholic, gym bunny,

don't feel confident putting makeup on and wouldn't know where to start,

if you have an active job, have over-plucked your brows,

struggle to put makeup on due to bad eyesight, have allergies to conventional makeup,

are insecure about your facial or body hair, have very sparse eyelashes or brows,

pale features or are simply wanting to treat yourself or a friend or family member,

I can help you to decide what treatments will best fit your lifestyle and needs.

I am dedicated to creating a relaxing and friendly atmosphere whilst providing top quality service, 

using state of the art technology, creativity and precision, to build a happier and more confident you!

I hope you will fall in love with your chosen treatments as much as I have

and make me you go-to Beauty Therapist for life!

Look, feel, live beautifully!
Love, Gracie xx

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